суббота, 14 июля 2012 г.

Настройка репозитория для Solaris 10

У большинства системных администраторов Solaris, как система вызывает дикое отвращение, мне она тоже скажем прямо мало радовала своей "дружелюбностью", но с недавних пор пользуюсь репозиторием, которые существенно облегчает жизнь в плане установки и конфигурации всеми любимого unix софта. Итак, начнем:

Для того,чтобы научить нашу "солярку" работать с репами, нам необходимо скачать и установить один пакет:
/usr/sfw/bin/wget http://mirror.opencsw.org/opencsw/pkgutil.pkg
pkgadd -d pkgutil.pkg all
По идее все готово, но для еще большего облегчения добавим место установки пакета в переменную PATH.
А также рекомендую добавить Вам путь к MAN страницам в перменную MANPATH.

Приятного использования.

вторник, 3 апреля 2012 г.


Another small step forward...

During the first three months of the year, I decided to erase all their tails about my professional certification. In stock I had a couple of vouchers for Oracle exams, and last exam to become Certified Cisco CCNP sepcialist (642-832).
Briefly look on the list of Oracle exams, I decided to choose exams which I can pass. That was Oracle Linux System Administration (1z0-403) and Oracle Certified MySQL Associate (1z0-870). I chose exam dates, and started preparing, schedule was very tight.
31 of January 2012 -> 1z0-403
28 of February 2012 -> 1z0-870
And the last one was to be Cisco exam, because fot it I'll pay my own money :))
I decided to pass it on  20 of March 2012 -> 642-832.
First, Linux exam was easy enough for me, because I had a lot of practice and experience on it. The only thing that surprised me on this exam, was ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN questions.
It scared me little bit, but all is well that ends well, I earned 92% on this exam.
Second, Mysql exam was the hardest for me, because my experience was so little in this area. But sometimes I very stubborn. I got the books, found the forums on the database and began preparing. Half way through I was ready to quit because it was not easy, but greed is to use a voucher won yet, and training continued. After some time, the exam was passed, with an estimate of only 65% (passing score was 60%) but this way I proved to myself that I can.
And the last exam in this trilogy was CISCO CCNP exam - TSHOOT. I was so inspired by previous attempts, that the preparation for this exam was easy and not constrained. Soon the exam was passed, I think that was easy enough, if compare with previous CCNP exams.

воскресенье, 18 марта 2012 г.

CCNP TSHOOT - Exam Strategy

unable to ping>R1->OSPF auth->ip ospf message-diggest
able to ping>R1->BGP->change neighbor ip address
able to ping>R1->NAT->permit in nat_acl
able to ping>R1->ACL->add permit ip_netmask to serial int.

client1 unable to ping FTP->DSW1->vlan access map (filter)
HSRP->DSW1->change standby 10 track 10 decrement 60

client1 gets 169.x.x.x(cannot ping client2)->ASW1->port security->shut/noshut(no switchport port-sec)
client1 gets 169.x.x.x(can ping client2)->ASW1->change default vlan allocation
client1 gets 169.x.x.x(can ping client2)->ASW1(switch-to-switch)->switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,200
client1 gets 169.x.x.x->R4(DHCP)->ip dhcp exclude

unable to ping webserver->R4(DSW cannot ping R4 serial)->EIGRP-> change EIGRP AS number
unable to ping webserver->R4(DSW cannot ping R4 serial)->Route_Distribution->change route-map
cannot ping R2 IPv6->R2->OSPFv3->change area number on R2 serial
client cannot ping R4->R4->EIGRP routing->passive int. under EIGRP 10